To have a fun-filled and successful geocaching expedition it is important to have the proper gears. Sometimes gears vary depending on the type of location you will be heading to. Geocaching gears are essential to help you prepare for the unknown. You also have to prepare for whatever type of weather you may encounter when you are hunting.

Below is a list of geocaching gears you will need when you embark on your adventure:

GPS Unit

Probably the most essential geocaching gear you will ever need since this is where you will input the coordinates you will find online. There are a variety of GPS units available on the market. A decent GPS unit costs less than $200.

Topographical Map

Aside from a GPS unit or receiver, it is ideal to have a topographical map of where you are going. Your map will be able to tell you of what you are likely to encounter, like streams or rivers, even before you head out.

Goody Bag

This includes items or trinkets to trade up. It can be small toys, coins, key chains, stamps and any other non-valuable items.

Writing Tool

Sometimes the cache or container already has a pencil or ballpen inside, but for to make sure, it is best to carry your own writing tool since you are required to sign the logbook inside the cache that you will find. Some caches are too small to fit a pencil.

Extra Clothes

Bringing extra clothes may come in handy in the event that the clothes you are wearing get caught in a tree branch or a sudden rain falls and you get soaked. You may also want to bring a jacket or raincoat.

Water and Food

You will never know how long you will be out and it is best to have food and water with you. Hunger and thirst may slow you down.

Extra Batteries

You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere just because your GPS unit runs out of battery.


In case the hunting extends through the night.

First Aid Kit

This should include the essentials such as bug repellant, medicine for snakebite, alcohol, cotton, bandages or band-aid and sun block.

Spare Caching Supplies

This includes logbook, pencil, notepads that may help out other geocachers.

Hiking Boots

These will come in handy when you have to climb or pass through a terrain just to get to the hidden container.

It will be advantageous to have a buddy or friend or family member with you. Having someone go with you on your adventure may also help you to find the hidden containers fast.

Geocaching experts will tell you that it is better to over-pack. Remember you may not find it easy to go back should you leave something behind.

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