Geocaching is a recreational outdoor activity with the objective of hunting or finding hidden objects through the use of GPS coordinates. Coordinates are posted on the web. There are about 5 million participants worldwide in over 100 countries.

If you are a beginner, it is important to remember and follow simple tips that will make your adventure more fun. These tips will also help you go through the game safely.

Tips to remember:

  • Your adventure starts at home. Start by researching on a geocache that will work for you. If you are doing this with your family, a park would probably be the best choice for you. Check the attributes of the caches since it will give you helpful resources when you select your first geocache.
  • Consider the difficulty of the terrain or surroundings of the cache. Learn how the caches are placed. Remember they are hidden and not buried. Keeping this in mind will help you find caches faster.
  • You should also check the surrounding map of the area. Is it urban or rural? Prepare for the right setting. Don’t forget to bring a map as well to support your search.
  • If you are going alone, remember to tell someone where you intend to go and approximately how long you will be gone. As much as possible, go with your family or group of friends. Geocaching is more fun when done with a group.
  • Remember to bring the essentials such as a GPS-enabled device, map, batteries, extra clothes, food, water, and a compass should your GPS stop working.
  • Check the environment of the place you are heading off to especially when the season changes. Ensure also that you will not encounter wild animals while you’re in the forest.
  • When you get to the location, do not look for the cache. Instead look for a good hiding spot and you might just find what you’re looking for.
  • Keep your GPS device on at all times.
  • When you get close to a cache, check your GPS device’s signal. Focus more on the distance decreasing rather than on the arrow on your GPS, as you get closer to the location.
  • When you find the cache, don’t forget to sign the logbook, put the date and say something about your experience.
  • When you take something from the cache as a trade, remember to put something in exchange. It should be of the same value, if not greater.
  • Seal the cache and return it the same place you found it.
  • When you get home, log on the cache page and share your experience. The cache owner will be notified of any new feedback and read about your adventure. You may even want to upload photos and share your experience with other geocachers like you.

Another helpful thing to remember is to mark your car when you park it and use it as a waypoint so that you will know exactly where to go back.

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