Geocaching uses containers also called geocaches or caches to store “treasures”. The size of the geocaches varies. It can be as small as a film container and as large as a Tupperware plastic container. These containers are hidden in various places ranging from mountaintops to forest to parks and even in cities.

Below are the different Geocaching container types used for Geocaching.


These are the most commonly used type of containers. They have enough room to fit a logbook, pencil and other trinkets or items that the finder can keep or exchange.

Types of regular containers:

  • Ammunition Cans: these are the basic military ammunition cans that are used in large, open areas since it is quite large. Ammunition cans almost always include coins, small toys, trinkets and other non-valuable items.
  • Lock & Lock or Tupperware: these are the plastic type of containers readily available in the supermarket or grocery. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. It can be disadvantageous since the color can be easily spotted or seen unless hidden properly. A geocache of this type is also prone to damage and thus can affect the contents.
  • Plastic Jugs: these are also ideal containers for geocaching. Ensure that the container is sealed tight so that the contents will remain dry.
  • Decon Containers: these are more stable than ammunition cans. The military uses this as a decontamination kit. This is not too large but bigger than micro containers.



These are small containers that can be easily stored in any type of area. Not to mention, these caches are easy to prepare and cheap to use.


Types of micro containers:

  • Film Canister (35mm) or Medicine Bottles: the most common of all micro containers. These are water resistant containers that can be hidden easily.
  • Bison Capsules or Bison Tubes: these geocaches are ideal to hang on a tree limb or fence post. They usually contain just a logbook and pencil.
  • Matchbox: these are the waterproof type of matchbox meant for campers. Most of these are colored green so are not easy to find.



These are smaller than micro containers, usually the size of a pencil eraser. Anything metal, like a magnet, can be attached onto a Nano container. Bison Tubes or Capsules also fall on this category.

Type of Nano Containers:

  • Bison Capsules or Bison Tubes: these geocaches are ideal to hang on a tree limb or fence post. They usually contain just a logbook and pencil.
  • Blinkers: these are small containers that can hold an item with a width smaller than a dime.


These come in various shapes and sizes. They can look like anything from bubble gum to songbird to dog poop. Inside the novelty geocaching container is a smaller container that has the logbook.

Geocaching containers are available for purchase almost anywhere. They can be brand new or recycled. The key here is to have a geocache that is not easily spotted and can be easily hidden as well.

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