Geocaching is an outdoor activity that uses GPS devices that is becoming popular today. This is a fun activity that carries some element of risk. Because of this risk, geocaching participants or scouts should be aware of basic geocaching safety tips. Geocaching safety is affected by activity level and location and the conditioning of the participant himself. The most important safety tip in geocaching is to know one’s limits.  Geocaching safety is all about being prepared. Bringing extra batteries and other supplies is a must for geocachers.

One of the most important geocaching safety tips to remember is to inform a trusted family member or friend whenever heading to a remote location. Having a geopartner is also a good idea. Some geocachers may be more adventurous than others but they must always heed advice from the police. There may be real dangers involved in geocaching. Geocachers must also bring their mobile phones with them or other communication devices. They must check reception of those communication devices as well.

Geocachers must be aware of their surroundings to keep safe. There may be animals like bears and snakes in the area. Insects such as ticks, which can be more dangerous than bears or snakes, may also be common. Geocaching enthusiasts should wear long sleeved shirts and long pants as much as possible. They should also douse their shoes with DEET.  Geocachers must always check if a tick has latched on them to avoid getting Lyme disease. Other important materials are flashlight, Swiss army knife, gloves and a stick. These items have many uses in outdoor areas. Some find bringing a stick indispensable because they are so useful.

Geocachers must know when to back off. If a participant does not feel sure that he or she can handle a particular terrain they must stop themselves from trying to get a cache in that place. Scouts should never compromise their safety in exchange for a cache. Another important geocaching safety tip is to always be prepared. Bringing a first aid kit when geocaching is a very good idea. There are many uses for a first aid kit outdoors. Scouts often scratch themselves and get insect bites. Those with allergies must specially be wary and always bring medicines. Bringing protection for the eyes and skin is also a good idea. Scouts may wear a hat and apply sunscreen whenever possible.

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity so participants must learn these few tips to always keep safe. Minor mishaps may not be easy to avoid outdoors so preparation is also an important thing to remember when engaging in geocaching. Geocaching is not only more fun when played with others, it also more safe.