Geocaching is one of the most popular outdoor games nowadays. It is being played by millions around the around. The objective of the game is to find hidden caches through the help of GPS coordinates.

Geocaching Trackables can also be used for geocaching. A Trackable is any item placed inside a geocache with a tracking number on it. You will find trackables on lots of geocaching databases online. Input the tracking code of the trackable you will find and track it.

There two main types of Geocaching Trackables. These are Travel Bugs and Geocoins.


The Travel Bug is the original trackable and is still as popular today as it has been before. It is a tag that you attach to an item. Travel Bugs move from one cache to another or from one person to another. A travel bug is normally a dog tag.

The moment you find a Travel Bug online, you have to grab and make your own story with it. But before you can log or record your find and grab the Travel Bug, you must locate the Bug’s tracking number first. The tracking number is usually located on the dog tag that is attached to the item inside the cache. Ensure that you copy the tracking number before you put the item in another cache. You would need the tracking number to locate and grab the bug online.

Each Travel Bug has its own web page. You can search for the Bug’s web page by entering the tracking number in the supplied box and click the search button. Once you’ve found the web page, write the owner a note stating that you have found the bug. By doing this you are also putting the Travel Bug in your account’s online inventory.

The Travel Bug will remain in your online inventory until someone else grabs it from you or places it in a cache. On the other hand, if you wish to drop the Travel Bug you’ve grabbed into a cache, you can do so and you can do this online.


Geocoins are collectible items usually created by a person or group. These items can signify personal events or occasions or places. They are made of metal, usually brass or bronze, that have different surface textures. You can even design your own Geocoin but you must abide by the official regulation size and design.

The Geocoin tracking number is either printed/stamped or laser etched on the surface of the coin. And just like the Travel Bug, you must go online to activate the tracking number. Just follow the instructions on the website.

You must find out what the owner of the Geocoin wants you to do with it. You can find out about this when you go to the personal web page of the Geocoin. If, after reading the instructions or description of what you need to do you still cannot quite understand it, you can always email the owner for more instructions or ask for clarifications. But whatever you do, never ever sell the coin.

Geocaching Trackables are being sold online. And almost all of these come with unique tracking numbers or codes and activation instructions. Trackables make geocaching more fun.

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